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As we begin the month of May, we just wanted to take the time to give a HUGE shoutout to YOU, all of our supporters! Because of your generosity and kind hearts; we are able to bring some smiles, put a small dent in the financial burden of families in the trenches, and contribute to research for childhood cancer.

We volunteer all of our time and every penny that is raised is used to help kids and their families facing the unimaginable. We feel so very blessed to have Jack healthy again, and we have made it our mission to give back to the childhood cancer community.

You should know exactly where your money goes, so here is what we've been up to the past few months...


Individual painting crafts were purchased for the kids inpatient at CHOP to bring a little bit of normalcy to their day. (Thanks to the Girl Scouts and Johnson's Popcorn for the treats that were donated for this delivery as well.)
The CHOP kids were delivered all of the Philly sports teams swag.
An Easter basket full of what every little girl would like was sent to the PICU at DuPont along with a Phillies themed basket for her family.
Brave gowns were designed with the Jackstrong logo and delivered to the kids at CHOP. (Jack's absolute passion is fishing for anyone that doesn't know.)
Philly Phanatic pillow pets were delivered to the kids inpatient at CHOP. 
  • Four checks were sent out to individual families for $1,000 each. (names kept confidential
  • $500 donated to help a CHOP warrior and his family in the PICU.
  • Meals were sent once a month to the Ronald McDonald room on the oncology floor at CHOP for the caregivers to enjoy. (Such a nice treat and a break from cafeteria food.)!
  • Donations were sent to families having a rough day so they could go out to eat or enjoy a takeout meal together.
  • Loads of stickers were delivered to our AMAZING CHOP nurses to give out, because the kids can never get enough stickers for their bravery.
  • A donation was made for fertility research related to childhood cancer treatment. (One of the many heartbreaking potential late effects.)

Thanks a million from the bottom of our hearts! Most days our heads are spinning with new ideas, but we TRULY love what we do! PLEASE, always feel free to reach out if you know of a childhood cancer family that could use our help!!!

Our mission is to raise awareness and help kids and their families in our community who are in the trenches of a childhood cancer diagnosis while also contributing to research at CHOP.

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